CV - CIA David


CIA David




PhD. Assistant Professor


PhD Sensorial Biophysics, University Clermont Auvergne, Clermont-Ferrand, France

PostDoctoral training, Institut de la Vision, Strasbourg-Paris, France ; Institute for Neurosciences, Montpellier, France



Faculty of Medicine – laboratory neurosensory biophysics


28 place Henri Dunant – BP 38 – 63001 Clermont-Ferrand (France)


+33 4 73 17 79 83

Research Interest:

-          Vision - Physiology and pathology of the retina

-          Ageing retina - Retinal degenerative diseases (macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, etc.)

-          Oxidative stress and retinopathy

-          Ion channels, receptors, neurotransmitters in the retina

-          Pharmacology and therapeutic strategies

Technical expertise:

-          In vivo and ex vivo electrophysiological recordings (ERG)

-          In vitro electrophysiological recording (patch-clamp)

-          Cell culture (primary cells, cell lines)

-      In vitro assays: MTT (cell survival / cell metabolic activity), IP/Annexin (apoptosis), DCFDA (cellular ROS detection), Bodipy (lipid oxidation), etc.

-          Flow cytometry, HPLC


Recent Publications:



Brabet P, Cia D, Guillou L, Hamel C, Vigor C, Durand T, Crauste C, Vercauteren J.

New Lipophenol Compounds and Uses Thereof. PCT/EP2015/058960



Cia D., Cubizolle A., Crauste C., Jacquemot N., Guillou L., Vigor, C., Angebault C., Hamel C.P., Vercauteren J., Brabet P.

Phloroglucinol protects retinal pigment epithelium and photoreceptor against all-trans-retinal-induced toxicity and inhibits A2E formation.

Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, 2016 Sep, 20(9): 1651-63

Gibold L., Garenaux E., Dalmasso G., Gallucci C., Cia D., Mottet-Auselo B., Faïs T., Darfeuille-Michaud A., Nguyen H.T., Barnich N., Bonnet R., Delmas J.

The Vat-AIEC protease promotes crossing of the intestinal mucus layer by Crohn's disease-associated Escherichia coli.

Cellular Microbiology, 2016, May, 18(5):617-31.

Cia D., Simonutti M., Fort P.E., Doly M., Rendon A.

Slight alteration of the electroretinogram in mice lacking dystrophin Dp71.

Ophthalmic Research, 2014, 51: 196-203.

Cia D., Vergnaud-Gauduchon J., Jacquemot N., Doly M.

Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) prevents H2O2-induced oxidative stress in primary rat retinal pigment epithelial cells.

Current Eye Research, 2014, Sep, 39(9): 944-52.

Téléphone : +33473177983