Pr. Philippe LUCCARINI






University of Aix Marseille I (France), PhD in Neurosciences

University of Auvergne (France), HDR in Neurosciences



Faculty of Dental Surgery

2, Rue de Braga - 63100 Clermont-Ferrand (France)


+33 4 73 17 73 17

Research Interests:


I am a neurobiologist passionate about the neurochemistry, networks and behavioural responses supporting brain functions.

During my undergraduate and PhD work at the Aix-Marseille University (CNRS, LNF Marseille), I have studied how the early postural adjustments are elaborated and controlled by central structures as pontine tegmentum and vestibular nuclei.

I reach Auvergne University in 1992 as associate-professor, and i am attending professor since 2003. In Pr. Dallel’s lab, my research activity has turned towards trigeminal pain.

In the last years, I brought new data that improve our knowledge about networks (descending controls) and neurochemical control (dopaminergic, delta opioid) of trigeminal pain. My recent interests concern mechanisms of migraine, as well as their associated comorbid mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Moreover, I started a work to characterize the role of astrocytes in migraine.

Technical Expertises:

- In vivo single-unit extracellular recordings of neurons

- Animal behavioural tests (motor, nociceptive and emotional behaviours)

- Chronic neurochemical intracerebral microinjections

Recent Publications:

Abdallah, K.; Artola A, Monconduit, L; Luccarini P, Dallel R. GABA-Aergic inhibition or dopamine denervation of the A11 hypothalamic nucleus induces trigeminal analgesia. Pain 2015 Apr;156(4):644-551.


Chebbi R., Boyer N., Monconduit L., Artola A., Luccarini P, Dallel R. Nucleus raphe magnus OFF-cells contribute to diffuse noxious inhibitory controls. Exp Neurol (2014) Jun;256:39-45.


Abdallah K., Artola A., Monconduit L., Dallel R., Luccarini P. Bilateral descending hypothalamic projections to the spinal trigeminal nucleus caudalis in rats. PloS One (2013) Aug 7;8(8):e73022


Normandin A., Luccarini P., Molat Jl., Gendron L., Dallel R. Spinal mu and delta opioids inhibit both thermal and mechanical pain in rats. Journal of Neuroscience (2013) 33(28):11703–11714


Lapirot O, Melin C, Modolo A, Nicolas C, Messaoudi Y, Monconduit L, Artola A, Luccarini P, Dallel R. Tonic and phasic descending dopaminergic controls of nociceptive transmission in the medullary dorsal horn. Pain (2011) 152 : 1821-1831.


Lapirot, O., Chebbi R., Monconduit, L., Artola, A., Dallel, R. and Luccarini, P. NK1 receptor-expressing spinoparabrachial neurons trigger Diffuse Noxious Inhibitory Controls through lateral parabrachial activation in the rat. Pain (2009) 142 : 245-254.

Animal Experimentation Ethics

- Leader of team ‘s pet structure and Animal Welfare Body

- Leader of team’s applications for project authorizations (European Union Directive UE/2010/63)

Dessimination of scientific culture :

- Coordinator (for Auvergne Region) of Awareness Brain Week (Société des Neurosciences)

- President of Auver-Brain Association for neurosciences popularization (Dana Alliance Partner for ABW)


Téléphone : +33473177089