CV - MELIN Celine


Dr. Céline Melin






University of Clermont Ferrand (France), PhD in Dental surgery

University of Clermont Ferrand (France), PhD in Neurosciences

French Institut of Hypnosis of Paris (France), Certificate



Faculty of Dental Surgery

2, Rue de Braga - 63100 Clermont-Ferrand (France)


+33 4 73 17 73 18


Research Interest:

I am a clinician passionate about chronic facial pain and their mechanisms.

During my undergraduate and PhD I worked at INSERM Neuro-Dol, Trigeminal Pain and Migraine to better understand pain mechanisms. I worked on segmental pain control in the caudalis and we showed the importance of GABAB receptor. Then I interested on the difference of segmental control system between meningeous and cutaneous pathway, in view to better understand migraine.  

During this time I care patients with oro-facial chronic pain with pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments. In view to better target treatments we will evaluate the contribution of peripheral input for maintaining idiopathic facial pain. We will study the effects of blocking peripheral nerves with levobupivacaine on spontaneous and evoked pain in atypical odontalgia patients.

Technical expertise:

Fundamental research :

- In vivo electrophysiological field recording of neurons

- Surgical neuropathic model (rat infra orbital nerve)

Clinical research

- Pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of orofacial chronic pain patients



Recent Publications:         

1-       Devoize L, Doméjean S, Melin C, Raboisson P, Artola A, Dallel R. Organization of projections from the spinal trigeminal subnucleus oralis to the spinal cord in the rat: a neuroanatomical substrate for reciprocal orofacial-cervical interactions. Brain Res 9:1343:75-82, 2010.

2-       Decerle N, Melin C, Doméjean S. Minimal Intervention in Cariology. Identification Stage Detection of Carious Lesions & Bitewing Radiographs. J Minim Interv Dent 4: 41-44, 2011.

3-       Lapirot O, Melin C, Modolo A, Nicolas C, Messaoudi Y, Monconduit L, Artola A, Luccarini P, Dallel R. Tonic and phasic descending dopaminergic controls of nociceptive transmission in the medullary dorsal horn. Pain 152:1821-31 2011.

4-       Melin C, Jacquot F, Dallel R, Artola A. Segmental disinhibition suppresses C-fiber inputs to the rat superficial medullary dorsal horn via the activation of GABAB receptors. Eur J Neurosci 2013 Feb;37(3):417-28.

5-       Chatila N, Tawil R, Melin C, Dallel R. Anatomy and physiology of trigeminal networks conveying nociception: a review. JLDA, 48: 36-52, 2013

6-       6- Melin C, Jacquot F, Vitello N, Dallel R, Artola A. Segmental disinhibition produces different effects on cutaneous and meningeous C-fiber inputs to the rat superficial medullary dorsal horn (in pess).


Téléphone : +33473177318