CV - RICHARD Christelle


Gremeau-Richard Christelle




Assistant Professor


University of Clermont-Ferrand (France). PHD in Neurosciences



Faculty of dental Surgery

2 rue Braga 63100 Clermont-Ferrand


33 4 73 17 73 18

Research Interest:

I work about chronic facial pain and their mechanisms.

During my undergraduate and PhD I worked at INSERM Neuro-Dol, Trigeminal Pain and Migraine to better understand pain mechanisms. I especially worked on stomatodynia, its pathophysiology and therapeutic.

In clinical consultation, I care patients with oro-facial chronic pain. In view to better target treatments we will evaluate the contribution of peripheral or central input for maintaining idiopathic facial pain.

Technical expertise:

Understanding the pathophysiology of stomatodynia

Pharmacological management of orofacial chronic pain patients

Recent Publications:

- Woda A., Navez ML., Picard P., Gremeau-Richard C., Pichard-Leandri E.

A possible therapeutic solution for stomatodynia (burning mouth syndrome).

Journal of Orofacial Pain, 12, 1998, 272 – 278.


- Gremeau-Richard C., Woda A., Navez ML., Attal N., Bouhassira D., Gagnieu MC.,  Laluque JF.,  Picard P., Pionchon P.,  Tubert  S. Topical clonazepam in stomatodynia : a randomised placebo-controlled study. Pain, 108, 2004, 51-57.


- Woda A., Tubert-Jeannin S., Bouhassira D., Attal N., Fleiter B., Goulet JP., Gremeau-Richard C., Navez ML., Picard P., Pionchon P., Albuisson E. Towards a new taxonomy of idiopathic orofacial pain. Pain, 116, 2005, 396-406.


- Tubert-Jeannin S., Pegon-Machat E., Gremeau-Richard C., Lecuyer MM., Tsakos G. Validation of a french version of the child-OIDP index. Eur J Oral Sci,113, 2005, 355-362.


- Woda A, Dao T, Gremeau-Richard C. Steroid dysregulation and stomatodynia (burning mouth syndrome). J Orofac Pain 23:202-10, 2009.


- Gremeau-Richard C, Dubray C, Aublet-Cuvelier B, Ugheletto S, Woda A. Effect of lingual nerve block on stomatodynia (burning mouth syndrome). A randomized crossover trial. Pain , 149, 2010, 27-32.


- Gremeau-Richard C and Woda A. Rewiew of current therapie. Orofacial pain : Guidelines for Assessment, Diagnosis and management, Fifth Edition. Ed by Reny de Leeuw and Gary D. Klasser, 2013.


Téléphone : +33473177318