Karine Hérault






University of Poitiers (France), Master2 pro in Physiology Cellular and Molecular Biology




Faculty of Dental Surgery

2, Rue de Braga - 63100 Clermont-Ferrand (France)


+33 4 73 26 78 99

Research Interest:

I worked in the laboratory of Serge Charpak (Neurophysiology and News Microscopies), in the team of Nicole Ropert and Martin Oheim (Biophysique of Gliotransmission).  For this lab, I was in charge of cell culture. I realised primary culture of astrocytes and neurons (mice and rat).I did transfection of plasmids and I maintained stock of plasmids by amplification and bacteria transformation. I maintained transgenic line of mice. I realised immunostaining of cells and slices. I was “Assistant de Prévention” for the lab.

Since 2014, I have joined the laboratory Neuro Dol in the team of Pr. Dallel. I’m in charge of cellular and molecular biology for the team. I develop the SDS Page and Western BIotting for the team to target expression and activation of PKCγ protein in the occurrence of mechanical allodynia under inflammatory pain conditions. I develop a protocol to isolate PKCγ interneurons. I have skills in animal behaviour tests. I’m in charge of Hygiene and Safety Consulting.


Technical expertise:

- Cell Culture

- Immunostaining

- Molecular Biology

- Animal behavioural tests

-Hygiene and Safety Consulting

Recent Publications:

1. Li D, Hérault K, Zylbersztejn K, Lauterbach MA, Guillon M, Oheim M, Ropert N (2015) Astrocyte VAMP3 vesicles undergo Ca2+ -independent cycling and modulate glutamate transporter trafficking. J Physiol. 2015 Jul 1;593(13):2807-32.

2. Brunstein M, Hérault K, Oheim M, 2014. Eliminating Unwanted Far-Field  Excitation in Objective-Type TIRF. Part II. Combined Evanescent-Wave
Excitation and Supercritical-Angle Fluorescence Detection Improves Optical Sectioning. Biophys J. 2014 Mar 4;106(5):1044-56.

3. Brunstein M, Teremetz M, Hérault K, Tourain C, Oheim M, 2014. Eliminating Unwanted Far-Field Excitation in Objective-Type TIRF. Part I. Identifying
Sources of Nonevanescent Excitation Light.Biophys J. 2014 Mar 4;106(5):1020-32.

4. Brunstein M, Wicker K, Hérault K, Heintzmann R, Oheim M, 2013. Full-field dual-color 100-nm super-resolution imaging reveals organization and
dynamics of mitochondrial and ER networks.Opt Express. 2013 Nov 4;21(22):26162-73. 

5. D. Li, K. Hérault, K. Silm, A. Evrard, S. Wojcik, M. Oheim, E. Herzog and N.Ropert, 2013. Lack of Evidence for Vesicular Glutamate Transporter
Expression in Mouse Astrocytes. The Journal of Neuroscience, (2013) 33(10):4434-4455

6. D. Li, K. Hérault, E. Y. Isacoff, M. Oheim, N. Ropert, 2012. Optogenetic activation of LiGluR-expressing astrocytes evokes anion channel-mediated
glutamate release. J Physiol 590.4 (2012) pp 855-873

7. D. Li, K. Hérault, M. Oheim, N. Ropert, 2009. FM dyes enter via a store-operated calcium channel and modify calcium signaling of cultured
astrocytes. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.. vol.106. 21960-21965.