Dr. François Gabrielli




Research engineer


Université de la Méditerranée (France), PhD in Biomechanics

ENSAM Paris (France), MS in Biomechanics

INP Grenoble (France), MS in Electrical Engineering



Faculty of Dental Surgery

2, Rue de Braga - 63100 Clermont-Ferrand (France)


+33 4 73 17 73 25

Research Interest:

I am highly interested in all applications of signal/image processing, or information technology in general, to biology. I graduated in 2000 as electrical engineer, with a focus on signal processing, and worked three years as an electronical engineer before engaging myself into research, with the final goal of mixing information science and healthcare. I choose biomechanics as my first research topic for the large scale of application (sport, ergonomic and orthopedic), and ended up in applying time frequency signal processing to impact biomechanics during my PhD (2006-2010, LBA IFSTTAR).  It was an original and investigating study where we proposed a new tool for forensic science, I order to get the chronology of injury events during accident reconstruction on human surrogate, based on acoustic signature of events.

After the PhD, I decided to switch to ergonomy applied to disable people (LAMIH UMR 8201 UVHC/CNRS), for a three years project on power steering system and a two years project on adapted aircraft seats, with a one year specialization on real time visual interface (SCaLab, UMR 9193 Lille 3  CNRS).

I eventually joined NeuroDol (UMR 1107 UdA INSERM) as a research engineer in scientific calculation, finally completing my goal. I’m currently in charge of all signal processing of neuronal data, either from EEG or extracellular invivo electrophysiology.

Technical expertise:

- Signal/image processing

- Software prototyping

- Visual interfaces

- Biomechanics

List of Publications (journals only):

1. Blandeau M., Estrada-Manzo V., Guerra T.M., Pudlo P., Gabrielli F., (2016), Unknown Input Observer for Understanding Sitting Control of Persons with Spine Cord Injury, IFAC-PapersOnline, 49, 5, pp 175-181

2. Wamain, Y., Gabrielli, F., & Coello, Y. (2016). EEG μ rhythm in virtual reality reveals that motor coding of visual objects in peripersonal space is task dependent. Cortex, 74, 20‑30

3. Naveteur J., Dupuy M., Gabrielli F., Michael G. (2015). How we perceive our own hands: Effects of attention, aging, and sex. Somatosensory & Motor Research, 23, pp. 1-9

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5. Simoneau E., Leteneur S., Toumi A., Dessurne A., Gabrielli F., Barbier F., Jakobi J. (2015). Bilateral Strength Deficit Is Not Neural in Origin; Rather Due to Dynamometer Mechanical Configuration. PLoS ONE, 10(12),

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12. Gabrielli F., Subit D., Ogam E., Guillemain P., Kent R.W., Masson C.,(2009) Time-frequency analysis to detect bone fracture in impact biomechanics. Application to the thorax, Medical Engineering & Physics, 31, 8, pp 952-958



Téléphone : +33473177325